Recognising the first signs of conflict

Being out in wide open spaces gives you a chance to see things from a different perspective. Have you ever considered that looking at nature can help you better understand where conflict comes from?

The landscape we see can change over time. Mountains, trees, rivers and lakes, the beauty of nature is ever-changing. In some countries those idle mountains, deep rooted trees and picturesque lakes seem so tranquil and impressive. But, often there are signs that nature is shifting. The ground may begin to swell. The surface temperature may rise. The earth quakes! – a volcanic eruption may be imminent.

We are lucky in Australia that we don’t have the threat of volcanoes erupting (that we know of). But what difference could it make if we viewed our conflict situations as part of that landscape?

A volcano doesn’t erupt without a warning. Similarly, a conflict generally doesn’t happen in isolation either. There are more often than not small yet significant signs conflict is on the horizon.

It’s fair to say, as individuals we are too often not open to seeing those signs as prompt as we should.

Let’s take a look at what those signs could be.

Click on each of the + icons in the image.

Conflict can come from many places, just like the shift in nature before a volcano erupts.

What difference would it make if you stepped back and considered the whole landscape of interactions around you?

Would you choose to address those signs now rather than later? Or would you wait and manage the aftermath of conflict once it’s happened?

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