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Our mission is to elevate the standards of leadership in our workplaces, homes and communities.

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We empower leaders no matter their experience to be better and do better.

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You could be an existing leader, new-to-role leader, aspiring leader or on a quest to develop your self-leadership skills.

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You’re at the centre of everything we do. Your time is priceless, so our lessons are short and to the point.

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Digital learning available anytime and on demand, ‘just in time’ for that learning need or action in the workplace.

Engaging Learning Content

Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic content to increase retention and recall abilities for all styles of learners.

70-20-10 Geared Learning

Ideal for 70-20-10 style of training with added supporting documents and blueprints for success.


Take control of your development with action focused digital learning. Achieve consistent habits and skills for success!

Supportive Learning

Get help and support from our experienced learning coaches. Book coaching sessions and participate in LIVE focus group chat.

Dynamic Learning

We’re constantly reviewing, updating and developing new content, contribute and share what works for you!

Mobile Learning

You can choose to learn on any device… Desktop, Tablet or Smartphone on-the-go! Whenever and wherever you have internet.

Results Driven Learning

We focus on the important practical skills to get you where you want to be, effectively and efficiently.

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Who are myleadershipskills?

We’re a group of leadership and management, human resources, learning and development professionals on a mission to elevate the standards of leadership within the workplace, our homes and our communities.

What is Leadership Essentials?

Leadership Essentials is a leadership course that focuses on creating, moulding and developing core leader skills. It features 12 content rich lessons, engaging content and tools to support learning and implementation.


We love your enthusiasm! You can start your leadership essentials course soon! Just register your interest here and we’ll send you a personal invitation once we’re ready to go.


We’ve a range of leadership lessons that we’ll publish shortly: Styles of leadership, Emotional intelligence, Building trust, Managing conflict, Feedback and coaching, Culture… to name a few.


The retail price for this leadership course is from AUD $500. We’re offering a 100% discount for a limited time only. To secure this massive discount you need to register today! This offer can be withdrawn without notice at anytime.

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